Plumbers Protect The Health of Our Nation

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How a Toilet Can Add 20-30 Years to Your Life!

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Know How To Unblock Your Drains Without Damaging Them

An Electric Eel is a machine that many plumbers use to try and unblock pipes. It has a long coil that spins and thrashes inside the pipe in an attempt to smash and cut out what is causing blockage. Read the full article

Beware of Electric Eel Damage to Toilet Pipe Found on Gold Coast

We first received a call from a customer who was on a rural property on the Gold Coast. Their toilet kept filling up and then draining slowly, and sometimes the sink would gurgle too. Read the full article

Tweed Heads Plumber - Tree Roots In Pipe Blocks Up Toilet

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The Dangers of Sewer and Storm Water Problems

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Blocked Drain? What's Better An Electric Eel or a Water Jetter?

We don’t use any guess work when it comes to your blocked drain, because we can see what’s going on inside your pipes by using our drain camera to locate the problem and clear your pipes with our high pressure water jetter.... This can be done all in one visit. Read the full article