What Your Agent Won’t Tell You When Buying a House

Inspect your plumbing for pre-purchase before buying your house on the Gold Coast. Call us and we can arrange a time to come and inspect your home before you buy it. 

The house that you buy is not just somewhere to live, it is an asset.

A lot of the time people will take on huge debt to buy a house just to get ahead. Most people perform their due diligence before buying a house and carry out a building and pest inspection to look for any hidden dark secrets that could cost them extra money.

What most people don’t realise is that a building inspection does not look for hidden / underground plumbing problems, which are usually the most expensive to fix.

James from Helensvale on the Gold Coast bought a house that hadn’t been lived in for 6 months while it had been on the market. Within two weeks of moving in sewerage water was oozing through the block walls of the house into the downstairs rumpus room, through the garage, down the driveway and out into the street.

Before we came to see him, James had spent two years and $3000 trying to get plumbers without the adequate equipment to solve the problem. We inspected his pipes with a drain camera and tested the pipe work for leaks. The rubber rings on the earthernware pipes had deteriorated and started leaking, causing the sewer to seep through the walls. If the pipes were dug up and fixed it would have cost James $40,000, however we were able to fix the pipes with our ‘No Dig’ pipe lining option that cost $18,000 instead.

Had James carried out a ‘Pre-Purchase’ Plumbing Inspection before buying the house it would have exposed the underground pipe issues and given him an opportunity to either negotiate a lower price or have the problems fixed by the owner prior to purchase.

A ‘Pre-Purchase’ Plumbing Inspection will investigate a home's underground pipe work that you can not see. The underground pipe work will be thoroughly investigated and report on the following:

  • Broken, blocked or faulty sewer pipes
  • Downpipes and stormwater pipes that do not connect to the storm water system or are broken or blocked
  • Pipework that does not have adequate fall
  • Tree roots that have entered the pipe system and could cause costly blockages

For peace of mind and to avoid any nasty surprises

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Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspection Gold Coast

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